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Welcome to eyebrows semi-permanent makeup treatments and training site. Here you will find detailed information regarding semi-permanent makeup eyebrows treatments and training with “Nano” needle which is the finest needle available worldwide for semi-permanent makeup applications. Nano needle enables us to create finest hair-stroke lines to replicate natural eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow trends are rapidly becoming more popular .Whether you are looking for a naturally enhanced, more fashionable look or more volume to sparse eyebrows which turns heads, we are here to help. It is important to understand that some skin retains the “crispness “of the hair-stroke method better than others. The aim of the treatment is to give you an anatomically correct design of the brows you desire.

Training Information & Dates


The best results are achieved when your semi-permanent makeup brows look so natural that it goes unnoticed you had anything done .To achieve the best results we may decide to combine the hair-stroke method with shading or use more than one colour for a 3D look.



We may advise you that your skin type, therefore your brows may be better suited for a powder look. We are here to design your bespoke eyebrows that will stay on 24/7 while you enjoy life feeling happy about your eyebrows.



Before you decide to go ahead with eyebrow treatment you must decide if this treatment is the right one for you by having realistic expectations. We are here to give you all the information you need to feel more confident that you are in safe hands. Please message via e-mail or text to 0044 7513528550 or to arrange an initial consultation over the telephone to get answers to all your questions.

It is also important that you understand semi-permanent makeup is achieved by applying high grade pigments into your skin and will fade over time. The initial treatment will be followed up by a second treatment within 8 weeks of the initial treatment and you will need to maintain the appearance periodically.


We only use the best pigments and materials for treatments which are approved by world safety standards.


If you wish to participate at Selenbeauty’s training classes you will need to have some proof of experience with semi-permanent makeup. We also offer beginners classes.