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Selen Shenalp


Selen is a world wide Permanent Makeup Eyebrow expert. Selen was born in Cyprus. After high school she attended London College of fashion, from where she graduated with a higher BTEC diploma in Art and Design. Her passion has always been in creative art.


Permanent makeup gave her the opportunity to practice her passion and develop her artistic talent. Selen has been living and working in London since 2012, where she has established herself as one of the leading Permanent makeup artist and an international trainer on eyebrows . She is also an international trainer for Selenbeauty permanent makeup art school and Swiss Color International PMU brand.



Selen travels around the world attending conferences as a speaker about her subject of permanent makeup eyebrows and also trains students globally by sharing her skills and passion.Selen has over 16 years of experience in her field. Selen has developed her own worldwide recognised brand. Selen works mainly with NANO needles. Selen’s speciality is creating beautiful natural looking eyebrows.She likes to work within the natural growth direction of the eyebrow hairs.


She has mastered her own technique of blending the finest hairstrokes with powdering, creating natural looking eyebrows  to achieve the 3D look, to complement and enhance each individual face. Selen has named her technique’ Interlocking hairstrokes’.


Selens’ client base is made up of celebrities alongside established clients. Selen travels to international Masterclasses to share her skills and keep abrest of new developments and techniques on the international forum.

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